Terms of purchase in 1Smile service.

In 1SMILE we care about your satisfaction and we respect the law. These rules, drawn up under the provisions of Polish law and other national and international laws.

These rules are always available at https://www.1smile.me/shop_rules

These regulations are a translation of the official version in Polish. Polish version of the regulations is the obligatory one.

1. Conditions in 1SMILE was in particular based on the Act on protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product of 2 March 2000, as amended.

2. In 1SMILE you can buy:

a. Electronic services - subscriptions to access extended diaries which allow to store more photos than the free version.

b. Physical products - such as photo books, calendars and other printed materials or materials produced by other picture embedding techniques

3. Electronic services - the user gets access to the ordered service option immediately (required time for IT systems to respond) after placing the order without losing the right to withdraw within 14 days.

a. In the case of certain payment systems, 1SMILE reserves the right to provide the ordered service after 14 days of placing an order or provide the service immediately after submitting user-statement request for immediate service provision in the resignation of the 14 day withdrawal period.

4. Physical products - physical products available on the 1SMILE site fulfil the requirement of subparagraph 4 of paragraph 3 of Art. 10 of the Act on protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product of 2 March 2000 with subsequent amendments - which excludes the possibility of cancellation from the contract within 14 days.

a. 1SMILE will do their utmost diligence in the implementation of physical products guaranteeing users a 14-day recovery period of ordered physical products.

b. The condition of return is the return of the delivered product at one's own expense and the amount of the reimbursement will include the costs of production excluding the delivery cost.

c. At the same time 1SMILE retains the right to refuse to realize physical products orders for users, who in the 12 months' period have returned ordered products more than 2 times - this is to protect both parties from unauthorized methods of exposure to fraud which could result in an increase in prices for all users.

5. Copyright - 1SMILE in the field of copyright protection may rely only on the statements of users. 1SMILE assumes that all posted materials have copyright or acquired property rights. If inserted by the user material infringes copyright or related rights, the user is fully responsible for the infringement and at the same time 1SMILE is released from all claims of third parties.

6. The deadline of performing a service.

a. In the case of ordering electronic services the realization is executed immediately (taking into account the time required for the reaction of 1SMILE ICT systems and partners and subcontractors), subject to paragraph 3 a.

b. In the case of ordering physical products described in paragraph 4 of these Rules, 1SMLIE proceed to realization immediately and the total duration of the realization shall not exceed 15 working days, provided that during periods of intense job, this period may be extended to 30 working days.

c. Realization time does not include the time of delivery. 1 SMILE is committed to shipping no later than 3 working days from the execution of the order.

7. Delivery - 1SMILE recommends the use of courier services in order to deliver the physical products. 1SMILE cannot take responsibility for the on-time delivery of ordered products, but will work with users who report the delay in delivery.

8. Complaints - 1SMILE will endeavour to make sure that the ordered physical products are consistently high quality. At the same time 1SMILE accept complaints for consideration within a period of two months in the case of visible defects. 1SMILE will fulfil all obligations arising from the statutory claims covering a period of two years for defects in the contract.

a. Complaints should be submitted in the form of an electronic letter to the following address: suport@apps2kill4.com with a description of the detected visible defects and return, at one's own cost, product with detected defects at the address ul. Skoroszewska 10 m. 10, 02-495 Warsaw.

b. The basis of the complaint may be disclosed technical defects arising during the realization of the order or the difference between the ordered product specified on the form and content of the parcel

c. Physical products ordered in 1SMILE are printed materials or other materials, including other image embedding techniques. Due to differences in the settings of computer monitors or telephone the colour-seen deviations are acceptable between images on the screens and the final physical product. Slight differences in colour cannot form the basis of the complaint.

9. Returns - 1SMILE allows returns of ordered products.

a. Returns on the basis of damage are possible only when the packaging is damaged upon delivery and proper notification has been posted during the receipting.

b. Returns on the basis of lack of satisfaction. In 1SMILE we deliver the highest possible quality, which we consistently monitor. If the user is not satisfied with the obtained product 1SMILE guarantees the user an ability to return within 7 days of delivery. The return must be preceded by sending an email to suport@apps2kill4.com and the product must be sent back on the user's expense to the following address: ul. Skoroszewska 10 m. 10, 02-495 Warsaw. Refund for the returned product includes cost of production, excluding shipping costs.

10. Prices and payments

a. The current price list is always available at www.1smile.me/pricing

b. Payments - 1SMILE allows a variety of payment methods, in particular, payments made by PayU- Terms of payments made by PayU are always available at www.1smile.me/payu

11. Service providers

a. The provider of electronic services is 1SMILE LTD with headquarter based in Gold Crest Executive Plot no: JLT-PH1-C2A, Unit no: 1009 Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

b. Apps2Kill4 sp. o.o. is the exclusive 1SMILE LTD representative for Europe and sells its products on behalf of 1SMILE LTD.

c. Apps2kill4 sp. o.o., is established on the basis of an entry in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the National Court Register under number 477 154 operated by the XIII Commercial Division, regon number: 146 864 888, and using a tax identification number: 5223008739

d. The entity responsible for the processing of personal data is 1SMILE LTD and the data are processed under the applicable local law and international law. Personal data will be processed by 1SMILE LTD to provide services or sell products as well as for the purposes covered by a separate and voluntary consent of the users. The User retain full right to inspect and correct one's data. Full insight into the processing of personal data is possible directly on the site 1SMILE through a web browser at www.1smile.me clicking on the "Profile" tab or via an application for mobile systems after clicking on the Profile in the menu.

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